Any time

Any Time

When you want your home completely dusted, polished, clean, fresh and sorted...any time of the year.

After the Builders

When they move out, we can give you your house back, clean, calm and organised.

Moving or Renting

Either to do a top to bottom final clean when you or tenants move out, or clean your new home before you move in.
Special Occasions

For Special Occasions

For those special times like before or after a party - Holy Communion, Wedding, Confirmation, Significant Birthdays - or before the family come to stay.
Special Occasions
Spring Clean

What we can do during a Spring Clean

If required, and sufficient time is booked, we can cover all the jobs in a regular clean plus any of the following:
  • Clean inside windows
  • Wash glosswork
  • Clean inside cabinets, cupboards, wardrobes etc
  • Clean inside ovens, fridges, microwaves etc
  • Clean silver, brass ornaments, cutlery etc
  • Wash all tiles, floor to ceiling, in bathrooms and toilets
  • Scrub or polish floors