If you’re inviting guests to your home, bear in mind that although they are not coming to do a white-glove inspection it is always a good idea to do a quick clean prior to their arrival. When preparing to entertain guests, time is of the essence! Instead of working tirelessly to make your house spotless, focus more on getting as much done in advance as possible and targeting the most important places first. Here are a few must do cleaning tips we recommend to sneak in a quick clean before your guests arrive:


1. Target the Big Mess and Dirt First
Because time is of the essence, the first areas you need to target are the most obviously dirty areas and removing the mess and clutter. This may include dirty dishes and rubbish that’s lurking in the home. Gather the clutter up room-by-room and clean as you go!

2. Clean the front porch
First impressions are everything. So give your porch a good sweep and remove any unneeded clutter. If dirty, give your front door and door handle a good wipe down. They do not have to be perfect, just clean enough to make your guests feel welcome!

3. Clean your bathroom
No matter how untidy your house is, your guests will most likely forgive you as long as they are welcomed with a clean bathroom. No guests likes to see traces of anybody else in the bathroom, so remember to pay particular attention to cleaning and removing clutter around the toilet, tap, the top of the bath, and the floor and shelves in the showers. Remember especially to remove hair from the plugs and make the effort to wipe grime off all the surfaces.
It’s always a nice touch to leave fresh soaps and hand towels for your guest!


4. Clean your Sheets and Towels
Like bathrooms, visitors do not like finding traces of someone else on their sheets. Make sure that you have freshly washed and ironed sheets laid out before they arrive.
The same rule applies when it comes to towels, it’s always a good idea leave a set of clean towels at the foot of the bed or in the bathroom.

5. Clean from Top to Bottom
To avoid dust falling onto newly cleaned floors, start with the ceiling. When dusting webs and dust off the ceiling, direct the dust to fall away from the walls and surfaces. This will make it easier to clean them off the floor later on. After the ceiling, run over every other surface with a cloth or feather duster and finish up tackling your floors with the hoover!


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