When days get longer and each day feels warmer than the next, summer is officially on the horizon. It is Important to clean Outdoors as the weather warms up, your outdoor jobs list may grow and grow. While tackling projects, prepare for the job by making safety your top priority

Windows shouldn’t be cleaned from outside unless some means are provided to allow such work to be done in a safe way.If a ladder is needed to clean the window make sure you have two people.

Watch and clean poles can be used from the ground which is by far the safest way to clean exterior windows.

It’s safest to avoid using power tools on a rainy day. You could receive a dangerous electric shock if the ground is wet or you’re standing in water.

Never work on heights when there is no one else around in case of an accident people would be able to assist you in your safety working on a slippery surfaces while outdoors can make you more likely to injure or hurt yourself, Make Sure you wear appropriate footwear.

Commercial cleaning should only done by the staff who have been trained properly to handle the equipment.