Hello everybody, Over the weekend I read a very interesting article about the build-up of dust, dirt and allergens in your home.

Are you part of the 475,000 people who have asthma in Ireland?

Well you might be surprised to know about the amount of asthma triggers you can find around your house.

Ways to prevent these triggers from happening or starting can be to keep your clothes in closets to prevent dust settling and building on them.

Clear out any old clothing item you have in your belongings and give them to charity or recycle them, but hanging on to them will mean having a higher level of dust gathering points.

Dust will have gathered on everything over the winter months and especially due to cold weather you will not have had your windows open leaving the chance for dust to settle on many items within your house.

When removing dust use a damp cloth where possible and try not to flick the dust into the air as breathing this in can be bad for your health.

Dust first and then hoover to try catch any fallen dust, Wipe skirting boards, venetian blinds and shutters.

While hovering make sure to have as many windows as possible open and change old hoover filters, and hoover bags regularly.

Mould and fungi that grows on walls and windows in damp houses can be a trigger for asthma sufferers, Good ventilation is important and prevention of black wall stains forming or the installation of Insulation boards on walls which are prone to dampess this is vital for a healthier safer home to live in.