In every home, the bedroom should be somewhat of a sanctuary. It should be somewhere that is clutter and stress free. However, for many people, the bedroom can become a gathering area for clothes, shoes and a holding area for pretty much anything that enters the room! We’re here to help you turn an unorganized, messy room into a clean and cosy retreat.

Let the fresh air in the room by opening your windows.

Start by taking off your bed clothes, mattress cover and pillows’ covers and put them to wash.

To start cleaning your mattress, hoover it using the upholstery attachment, working from top to bottom. To freshen it, sprinkle baking soda generously over the mattress and using a soft brush, rub it in. Let the baking soda do its work for approximately 15 minutes and hoover again.

Protect your bed with a clean sheet while you are cleaning away. By doing so you can use your bed to place items from around the room for an easier and more efficient result.

For an effective clean, aim to clean from the ceiling first, and work your way down.

Curtains, blinds, net curtains, can either be hoovered or taken down to wash or dry clean. Check the cleaning instructions.

Pull out any rugs in the room; you can shake them outside and hoover.

As with curtains, check cleaning instructions, as some could be machine washed.

Remove all cobwebs and high level dust with a duster or hoover. Clean vents and curtain rails, lampshades, lightings, mirrors, picture frames, switches and doors. Wipe down wardrobes outside and inside

Move furniture such as beds and bedside lockers away from the wall when possible. Wipe skirting boards and hoover the floor including hidden areas that might not be looked after regularly.

To finish off, make the bed and try adding a scented candle to freshen up your new tidy bedroom. If you like the sound of a deep spring clean for your bedroom, but haven’t got the time to do so yourself, don’t be afraid to give us a call to organise a free quotation. We promise to transform your bedroom into the tidy sanctuary you will fall in love with!