The conservatory is a part of the house which is prone to being left dormant over the winter period. With summer coming in, there is every reason to make sure you have a clean and comfortable conservatory which you can sit and relax in whenever you want.

Start from the exterior. Make sure that you have cleared the roof of any leaves, dirt or grime that has built up over the harsh winter months. Many think that a good way of cleaning the roof is to use a power washer, but we strongly advise against this. More often than not, power washers are too powerful for conservatory windows and causes damage which can be expensive to fix. Follow these steps to ensure a good clean:


  1. First you should remove all the debris from the windows and glass. If your drainage is clogged, the water will start dripping from the gutters and will leave marks and stains on your windows all the time.
  2. Cover the roof and gutters. Refrain from climbing on top of the roof for safety reasons. Instead, use a ladder to climb to the roof and then brush away any dirt and debris. Use your telescopic window cleaner to reach up to the roof to wash it down. Don’t forget to give your gutters a good clean, they are likely to have accumulated plenty of leaves and dirt over the autumn.
  3. Clean the outside of the windows. The outside part of your conservatory windows is the more problematic one, because our gardens are usually full of dust and particles, which like to get stuck to glass surfaces. This is why you should start the window cleaning from there. You can use the same solution you would use to clean you just soak the telescopic brush into the solution and start wiping from the top to the bottom of the conservatory. Then get a cloth and wipe everything clean.
  4. Clean the framework. You can use some warm soapy water and a soft cloth for this. Don’t use abrasive cleaners, because they can scratch and damage the surface. If you have wooden frames, you can use a brush to remove the excess dirt first, and then the soapy water with the cloth. After you’re done, you should treat the wood with some oil, to protect it from outside influences.

Now that the outside of your conservatory is shiny and clean, you’ll want the inside to look just as nice. If you plan on using a strip washer or a squeege, it is advised that you put an old sheet down to cover and protect your floor. The best way to get the interior clean can vary from one situation to another, but most homeowners worry about keeping the glass streak and smudge-free. You can clean glass with a commercial cleaning product and paper towels. Floors should be swept and mopped regularly, and furniture dusted, vacuumed and cleaned as needed. Even a quick spot cleaning can have a positive effect on the look and feel of your conservatory.