As a new landlord, you want make good impression when welcoming new tenants. In order to achieve this you must greet them to a well decorated, fresh clean home. This can be difficult at times when you have a constant stream of new visitors. However, there are steps you can take to make the maintenance of your property a little more manageable.

Firstly, get a damage deposit, this will encourage tenants to do the bulk of the cleaning before returning the property to you. It will also give you a sense of security leaving your home in the hands of people you have just met.

Cleaning wise, let’s start with the floors, this is possibly the dirtiest and most time consuming part of the home to clean. So pick an easy clean surface, such as stained concrete or laminate flooring. Avoid carpet. Carpet can be difficult to clean and expensive to replace if ruined.

Most people hate cleaning their bathroom, this hatred is only multiplied when cleaning one strangers have been renting. So when decorating your bathroom think about ease of clean. By using a shower curtain you avoid having to clean excess glass, they are also cheaply replaced if damaged between rents. Also steer clear of grout, a lot of elbow grease will go into maintenance if you don’t.

Fireplaces are a beautiful feature to have in your rented property, but are a nightmare to clean. Fear not, you can cut down on dirt and debris by opting for an electric fireplace where cleaning is virtually non-existent.

If all this cleaning is still a bit much for you, you can always book us here at Pristine Home, we will do a fabulous job.

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