Kitchen cloths are exposed to foods, liquids and anything else we wipe off our hands as we pass through the busiest room in our home. All of these factors combined on one towel will cause your cloths to smell.
There are several tips that we recommend to help you prevent and remove these “kitchen odours” from your cloths-

How To Prevent Your Cloth From Smelling:
• Change dish cloths at least once a day
• Use thinner dish rags so they air-dry faster
• Immediately after use, rinse your cloths in hot soapy water. Wring dry and hang to let air circulate on both sides

How To Wash Your Kitchen Cloths:
• Do a load just for your kitchen cloths
• Do your wash and rinse cycle at the hottest water temperature possibleand set the cycle for the longest washing time possible
• Add 1 cup of white vinegar to your regular laundry detergent
• Immediately move your cloths to the dryer when the wash cylce is finished
• Dry your cloths on a high heat for approx. 45 minutes

The Microwave Method:
• Rinse your cloth well
• Squeeze the excess water out
• Place the cloth in the microwave oven
• Power on a high setting for 3 minutes

If you are too busy for these methods, we have one more trick that can help prevent your cloths getting smelly between washes- put them in the freezer in a plastic bag. This stops them from developing a mildewed smell!