Seeing as the living room tends to be the most visited room in the house, we want to make sure that it is always in the best possible condition. From time to time it is possible that we let everyday living build up a cluttered mess that just isn’t acceptable anymore. Here we are going to give you some tips on how to restore order in your living room, from the walls to the carpets to bring some life back to the room.

Let the light in:

Open the windows to let some fresh air and light in! Remove the curtains, and put them in the washing machine if they are machine washable. If you are afraid that the curtains will shrink, send them to a dry cleaner.

Start from the Top:

Now we will begin the main clean. Remove any artwork or mirrors that may be hanging on the wall.

Dust the ceiling corners for cobwebs, and pay attention to any chandeliers or light fixtures that may be present. Also make sure to focus on dusting the walls and window frames.

Small Items Next:

Begin your clean by gathering all the small items that don’t belong in the room, or that you want to throw it. These can include toys, old clothes, plates – you can find anything and everything in a living room that hasn’t been cleaned.

Book Cases:

Remove everything from the shelves. With the bookcase empty, pull the bookcase out from the wall, and dust both the wall behind it and the back of the case. Hoover the floor beneath and behind it, using an extension duster if you need to. Dust bookcase and clean any grimy spots.

Clean books individually by dusting them, both outside and inside the dust covers where debris build up.

Return your books to the shelves, but feel free to play around with how you arrange them. Organise your books whichever way you want them to look!


Remove furniture from the wall and dust behind. Take out any cushions, fluff them up and leave them outside to air out. Then using your hoover’s upholstery setting, hoover all around the furniture paying particular attention to the corners and back of the furniture.

Also make sure to hoover the fireplace, window sills and rugs if there is one, to ensure a full deep clean.

Another place that can often be overlooked is behind a television or stereo. Make sure to dust the back of these devices including wires. Cables and wires can become a bit of a mess so make sure you organise them appropriately!

Polish and Shine:

Make sure you polish wooden furniture, and clean all windows and any glass surfaces with a suitable cleaner.

Once you have carried out all these steps, put back the clean furniture and curtains. Don’t be afraid to light a scented candle for a fresher smell in your living room!

If you want this service to be professionally done, give us a call. We can organise a free consultation for you to consider all of our services!