Winter is the coldest and wettest time of year. This leads to you spending most of your time inside the home with friends and family, cuddled up to a warm fire, with hot chocolate on your mind. But we can’t let a winter cleaning slip our mind. During a winter clean, your main focus tends to be around the festive season, making your clean very holiday focused. However, with this drastic change in weather you will need to ensure that both your garden and the interior of your home are prepare. Here is a quick check list that will have you winter ready.


1. Gather up all the fallen leaves, storm debris and put them in the compost

2. Clean and power hose, decking, patios and driveways – don’t forget to regrout!

3. Clean your gutters and down pipes. Make sure all drains are free of debris

4. Remove all cobwebs, dust and dirt from eaves, and sophists

5. Clean all exterior windows , frames and window sills

6. Don’t forget the shed , yes your man needs to get into gear


  1. Clean out your kitchen presses, remove any out of date items left behind. Dented or damaged tins and any unwanted items that are just taking up space.
  2. Bathroom presses also need decluttering and dispose of out of date cosmetics and medicines.
  3. You should clean all of the mattresses in the house to keep dust mites under control. Vacuum the top of the mattress, move the mattress and vacuum base, Turn mattresses, do you remember which way you turned them last time, and don’t forget to vacuum the other side too.
  4. As you are in the bedroom the wardrobe needs attention, Winter clothes replace summer ones but do send unwanted and unloved items to your local charity shop, someone else will cherish them.
  5. Since you have cleaned the windows outside, yes you’ve guessed, the inside also need a good clean. After all the sun is lower and shows up the grime – so clean it.
  6. Since you are using your computer that needs a clean too. Start by turning the keyboard upside down and shake out any dust or crumbs. Use compressed air to blow out any other bits, NOT a vacuum. Wipe keys and all other exterior surfaces with a damp cloth and then dry. No need to use special cleaner. If you dare to go inside again NO vacuum just blow out the dust particles that you cannot remove with your fingers or a soft brush.
  7. Those smelly cloths or sponges also need a thorough washing. To disinfect smelly sponges, wash sponge thoroughly, then microwave it while it is wet, for a short period. Make sure there are no metal bits in the cloth or sponge. When you see steam from the sponge, the bacteria in the sponge will be dead. Remove carefully, it will be hot! Wash the sponge thoroughly before use .

Pristine Home would love to help you with all or any of the above jobs, outside or inside your home, and then ensure that your home is kept neat and tidy on a regular basis. Please call 1890252309 or or visit our web site and avail of our many cleaning services to help you and yes most important leave you the time for yourself.

Looking forward to hearing from you Diana