Myth 1: “Bleach cleans everything”
The smell of bleach in the home is normally associated with the thought that something is very clean, because bleach is the ultimate cleaner. MYTH!!
Bleach is a disinfectant, not a cleaner. Although it successfully kills germs and removes tough stains, bleach does not clean dirt and residue from surfaces.
As we outlined in our previous blog about bleach, it should not be used in the household (or at least not regularly). Its heavy fumes are linked to a number of health problems, it can cause irritation and be very harmful to your skin, combining it with other cleaners can cause dangerous toxic results, and it can also damage surfaces and permanently remove colour.

Myth 2: “Professional carpet cleaning will shrink my carpet”
Many people would swear by the idea that professional carpet cleaners will shrink their carpets. Once again, this is nothing more than a myth!
There is little to worry about when it comes to a professional shrinking your carpet. Synthetic carpets will not shrink, and there is little risk to carpets made from natural fibres shrinking.
If the person you hire really is a professional, they will know how to treat your carpet so it turns out exactly how you want it. What we suggest is to just do your research when it comes to hiring a professional in order to get your carpet pristine (and the same size).

Myth 3: “The more soap you use, the cleaner it gets”
This is not the case. Adding more soap to achieve extra ‘cleaning power’ often results in more problems than it solves. When you are unable to rinse the excess soap away, it can leave a sticky patch that attracts even more grime and dirt. Always use the exact amount of soap/cleaner as outlined on the instructions to achieve better results.

Myth 4: “If It Smells Good, It’s Clean”
Cleanliness is too often associated with fragrant scents. However, it is a myth that “If it smells good, it’s clean”. Often the fragrance is merely covering up a bigger problem. Both scented and unscented versions of the same product are proven to have the same results when it comes to cleaning.
We recommend that rather than just judging cleanliness based on how it looks and how it smells, you should also carry out “the touch test”. If it feels clean, smells clean and looks clean, the chances are that it is clean!