Your outdoor space also needs some cleaning. Whether it is a Deck or your Patio then regular cleaning keeps that outdoor space sparkling and a joy for all who use it. They are somewhat different from a cleaning point of view but with care can be brought back as good as new.

Decks and Patios may be cleaned in a variety of ways we suggest either of the following:


Method 1-Simply apply a cleaning solution and scrub with a deck scrub. It may make sense to leave the cleaner on for a while (15 minutes) to allow the chemical to attack the algae before doing a final scrub. Then simply wash off with a hose.

Method 2 – This involves the use of power tools either a scrubber or a power-hose. Neither of these should be used on damaged or worn decking. If you are using a power hose then take care to either turn down the pressure or hold the wand well away from the deck. If you don’t do this then you are in danger of splintering the wood on your deck.

Your Patio needs the power-hose at normal levels to get rid of all the grime. Ideally one with a swirling head rather than a straight jet. Simply start in one corner and methodically work across the patio in a grid fashion till complete. The same method works if you use a scrubber. A scrubber while using a jet spray spreads the power of the water jets and gives a more even finish. Now rinse off as for the deck

When clean remember

You must reseal your Deck with deck oil once it has dried.

Your Patio will need special fine sand to re-grout between all the slabs or cobble-lock

If you need help all you have to do is ask.