Shower curtains get dirty. You may think that your shower curtains would be the cleanest thing in your house, but soap scum and damp conditions builds up, making them a dirty disaster.

Because showers are damp and warm, it’s the perfect environment for mould and mildew to grow. Although this does not necessarily mean a ‘dirty’ shower, they do not help in creating a clean looking shower. Your shower curtain will appear dirtier as the mould and mildew builds. However, soap scum is the true indicator of a dirty shower

Many people simply replace them when they get too dirty, but if you love your shower curtain too much to part with it, or simply want to reduce waste, we at Pristine Home have a few easy steps to get your shower curtain looking brand new again:

Baking Soda

Put your shower curtains into the washing machine along with bath towels on a low setting and add one cup of baking soda. Wash in one cycle with warm water. To make sure the fabric doesn’t get damaged while being washed, add half a cup of vinegar during the rinse cycle. Let your curtains dry while dripping. Do not put them in the dryer!


Vinegar can be used to clean soap scum off your shower curtains. Place the shower curtains and a few bath towels in the washing machine. Add normal detergent with some vinegar in it. Wash using a gentle cycle and hang your curtains back on the rods to dry.

Use Fabric Softener

To avoid taking your shower curtain off the rods, you can use fabric softener which removes soap residue quickly. Pour some liquid fabric softener on a cloth and wipe the shower curtains. You can also put a few tablespoons of fabric softener in a bottle and spray it on the shower curtains. Later, wipe the shower curtains with a cloth and rinse.#

Change the Soap

You can change using a bar of soap in the shower, to using a body wash/shower gel instead. Normally when soap is combined with water it generates soap scum, particularly if the flow of water is slow. By using a body wash/shower gel instead, the amount of residue left on the shower curtain is significantly reduced.