How to have a germ-free flight

It’s that time of year again when most of us (or at least a lucky few) are looking forward to travelling abroad for a well-needed holiday. Normally we are so focused on getting to the airport on time, going through security and just wanting to get to the destination with as little set-backs as possible, we often forget about one thing that could really pose a problem to your holiday – GERMS!

According to recent studies by Aquaint (producer of sanitising spray), suitcases can be contaminated with up to 80 million bacteria by the time they reach the hotel, meaning that luggage alone can cause a holiday maker to become sick.

In addition to this, the Journal of Environmental Health Research found that holiday-makers are exposed to bacteria that causes colds, E-coli, and influenza on planes and in the airport, causing them to be up to 100 time more likely to catch one of the viruses when travelling by airplane than they are in their usual day-to-day life.

Here is a list of what we recommend to stay healthy while you travel:

Hand sanitizer wipes:

We recommend using wipes over liquid sanitizers because as soon as the liquid evaporates, the benefits of using it do too. Because every surface you come in contact with in the airport/plane is a potential transmission point for germs and bacteria, make an effort to wipe down every surface before you touch it, and if this is not possible, wipe your hands afterwards. (This includes your luggage!)

Bring your own food and drink:

Although you can’t take water through security, pick up a bottle before boarding the plane. It is crucial to stay hydrated, will save the hassle of asking the air hostess, and may cut down the amount of germs the bottle comes in contact with.

We also recommend that you pack a snack, as well as your fellow passengers, air hostess are just as likely to pass germs from person-to-person. Bringing your own snack will cut down on the amount of germs your food comes in contact with.

Bring your own magazines:

Always avoid handling anything in the seat pockets in front of you unless absolutely necessary. These items have gathered a number of germs from every previous passenger, without ever getting cleaned. Bringing your own magazines will ensure you will not pick up any bacteria left behind on the ones provided.