How to Keep Dirt Outside the House on a Wet Day

Picture this; it is a wet day, people coming in your house with wet, mucky shoes. Some of you have a dog, a cat and they will also want to come in to keep away from the rain.

Because wet days are inevitable, it is better to be prepared.

  • Use a Doormat

Remember dirt comes in with shoes. Have a doormat at every door you come in: front door, back door, from garage into the house. When possible, have a doormat outside and inside doors. Plastic and metal mats are best for outside.

  • A Doormat that Works

It takes a few steps to eliminate dirt off shoes, so buy a ‘Big Mat’. Also, look for a practical one that will absorb and retain dirt.

  • Clean Doormats

Hoover mats often, so they work better. Some mats can be mopped, thus taking mud stains off. Otherwise, let wet stains dry away and hoover then.

  • Shoes Off!

If shoes are left at the entrance, the battle is half won. It can be made easier by having comfy shoes or sleepers to change into near the entrance, if you are not a bare foot fan. You could leave shoes in an open shallow container or a basket.

  • Clean Pets’ Paws

Pets too bring in a lot of dirt into the house. Having a cloth near the entrance door will ensure your pet can be cleaned before they walk into the house.