Entertain your friends and family in style this summer. Give your garden a facelift with our professional power washing service. Our professional power washing service is the fastest and most effective way to clean years of dirt and grime from all you gardens hard surfaces.

Mouldy corners, mildew stained decks, rust stained walls and peeling paint don’t stand a chance against our industrial strength power washers! We use top quality equipment to ensure you get the best deep clean possible. It is important to note that all our pressure washers clean with such power that they must only be operated by a fully qualified member of the garden and landscaping team.

Sounds far fetched?

You should know that if the spray from our elite range of pressure washers accidentally hits your hands, arms, legs, or feet you can suffer serious cutting injuries. The power washers that we use eliminate moss/dirt/grime/slime/mildew/rust from outdoor hard surfaces, and so will quickly cut through clothing and skin.

If you are planning to watch your garden transform, be sure to wear safety goggles because splinters and dirt can easily get into your eyes.

We also insist that you wear very old clothes even as a bystander. So when one of our team gets to work power washing your decking, fences, driveways, paths and garden edging you will most likely get covered in layers of dirt and grime.

Or you could just go for a stroll, have a coffee and we will have your garden transformed when you return! For more information on our power washing services call an expert now on +353 1 2897751