Dust and cobwebs just pile up in places that are not necessarily noticeable to the everyday eye. We have listed a few spots in the house where attention may be needed and how to tackle them.


Radiators – not just the front but underneath and behind and in the heat vanes. The challenging part is the back of it when against a wall.

First lay a big cloth or towel under the radiator to collect dust. Get a duster on a long stick or a stick on its own and wrap the head with a cloth secured with tape. Alternatively buy a special microfiber duster especially for the job. Now push the duster from the top to the bottom of the radiator at the back and in between the vanes or panels. Starting from one side and repeating until you have the whole radiator done. Finish by wiping off with a cloth and warm soapy water.


Air vents get covered in dust and cobwebs, which could interfere with the performance. Static electricity from the motor is the cause for grime to stick to your vents.

Initially use a hoover to remove dust. Then use an old toothbrush to clean between the vent openings. Next and if possible, unscrew vents and hoover. You can also brush them and soak them in soapy water if dirt persists. Dry thoroughly and fit back.

Doors that lead to outdoors

Front doors, garage doors, side doors and patio doors will need a thorough clean. When opening doors look around at all the rails; top, bottom and sides and hinges too. You will more likely find cobwebs and dirt that has accumulated during the winter. Sliding patio doors have a sill track at the bottom.

Use a microfiber cloth and warm soapy water to wipe off dirt and dust. If some parts are trickier to reach to, use a soft brush or an old tooth brush. Dip it in the soapy water and shake excess before tackling those areas.

Sliding patio doors can be swept or hoovered and mopped before and afterwards.


Dirt and cobwebs also build up around windows. Especially the sills under the window frame itself. This becomes obvious when you open your window. Modern VC windows are especially grimy, including at the back of the frame around hinges.

Clean as doors. A microfiber cloth or old tooth brush and soapy water.

A window sill can be wiped off on the top and underneath areas, where cobwebs tend to build up.