A clean property make for a happy landlord. That’s probably why we here at Pristine Home are constantly getting calls from worried tenants who did not notice the grime build during the course of their residency. Not to fear though, if you have just started your residency, Diana has some top tips for you.

When you first arrive, take pictures of your new, but temporary home. Remember this property is not yours. Your landlord will be expecting you to return their home in the way it was given. So if you do feel like doing a bit of decorating these photos will work as a guideline to putting the house back together again.

While it does not seem like an immediate concern for most, the longer you leave dirt to sit, the harder it is to get rid of it. This is particularly true in the case of the kitchen and bathroom areas of the home. The longer things like the oven and toilet are left unwashed the more time consuming they will be to clean. The toilet should be cleaned weekly to avoid a nasty job at the end of your stay. And depending on how much you use your oven we recommend you clean it once every six to twelve weeks.

The fridge is another element of the home that may cause some conflict between you and your landlord. So make it a priority to clean out old food from your fridge every time you do a shop. This simple task will take you a couple of minute, and it will prevent unwanted odors and mould from building up.

Staying with a group? Why not work out a cleaning rota. This will not only reduce the amount of work you have to do, but also if the kitchen is messy, you will know who to blame.

You’re always going to have to do a bit of cleaning at the end of your stay, but by keeping on top of your cleaning while you stay will reduce the amount you have to do drastically. You’ll thank yourself later.