Tips on cleaning chocolate stains

Have you ever indulged with chocolate and found traces of it on your carpet or sofa?

No panic! We have some tips on how to clean chocolate stains.

Most stains are easier to eliminate when treated fast.

Chocolate Stain on Carpets

Using a butter knife or a spoon, gently scrape off as much chocolate as possible from the carpet. If the stain is dry, hoover any chocolate flakes. If the stain is wet, use a white terry cloth or similar and blot up any chocolate residue.

Lightly wet a soft sponge with cold water and blot the stain a few times.

Next, mix one part of liquid carpet cleaner and four parts of water and apply to the stain with a brush or terry cloth. Clean brush every time you are going over the stain or use a clean area of the cloth if this is what you are using. Once the chocolate stain is removed, lay a dry cloth or a few pieces of kitchen paper over the wet area and put some weight on it to absorb any moisture. Finish off by hoovering once is dry completely.

Chocolate stain on Upholstery

Scrape off as much chocolate as possible as with carpets.

Lightly wet a soft sponge with cold water and blot the stain a few times, as carpet method.

Prepare a mix of washing up liquid, one tablespoon, and two cups of cold water. Wet a terry cloth with the soapy water and blot the stained area, wetting cloth as necessary and using a clean area every time. Repeat until the chocolate stain is gone. Let it dry naturally.

Always test a small or invisible area when treating upholstery, as some fabrics are not colour fast.