We at Pristine Home believe that keeping a clean home is very important for your day to day life. A thing that might seem so minor but yet can make such a difference in keeping your floors “pristine” clean is to place door mats inside and outside all of the doors that lead outside, yes door mats! Did you know that 80% of the grime in your house is brought in from outside and mostly on your shoes.

Something as simple as investing in a door mat can keep your floors cleaner for longer and keep your house to a lovely fresh standard.

Most people have a door mat at the exterior of your front door, but we suggest there are considerable benefits of indoor mats.

The door mat outside, might knock the majority of bigger Debris off your footwear. It remains outside and has the potential of gathering and holding dirt or moisture.

Indoor mats give a second opportunity to remove that little bit more dirt and absorb the rain water off the bottom of the shoes and boots.

This will help prevent visitors and family from walking dirty or wet shoes over your lovely clean carpets or wooden floors. It’s something so simple and can keep your home cleaner for longer.

When choosing an indoor mat for your home ensure that the mats lining is of good quality and wont discolour the floor you plan to place it on.

Furthermore the up keep of interior mats is important, Periodical cleaning of the mat is good practice as mats can gather dirt, dust and moisture. Here are a few simple steps that can maintain and prolong a door mats life, Shaking, banging the dust out, vacuum, Sweep and to avoid damp musty odours you can use fabric freshener and put out on the clothes line and air in out some mats may also be cleaned in the washing machine

The mats at the entrance of your house will be one of the first things you will see so it is important to also consider design and colour say that it fits in with the room décor.