If you’re trying to minimizing your laundry load and are dreaming of cleaner windows, consider using newspaper to clean instead! Not only does this method cut down the amount of cloths you have to wash afterwards, but the newspapers pages and ink acts as a light abrasive to give you pristine clean windows.

The only two products you need for this method are water and a couple of pages from a newspaper.

1. Fold a piece of newspaper and dip it entirely into a basin of cold clear water

2. Squeeze it out like a sponge so it is just damp, ensuring it is not so wet that it will drip or run down in streams

3. Rub it all over the surface of the glass with a firm pressure

4. Let your window sit for a minute, then go over it with a dry page of the newspaper, polishing it until it is dry and you see your clear and bright results